Saturday, November 2, 2013

I tremble from the pitch black of knight that resides in my depths.
You started as a speck but grew to push out the light.
"Please do not come out through my eyes and mouth that others may see you."
I do not wish them to see you, the deep dark Knight of my soul.

It is you that now controls my thoughts.
It is you that works my hands and has consumed my heart.
As though my body is drenched in water, I cannot be rid of you without warmth.

I fear to speak of you.
Fear to truly show you.
You are not me, but we are one as lovers.
Can they tell where you end and I begin?

I beg you to leave the offspring of my womb free from your grasp.
Take the entirety of me to quench your appetite
If only to leave my Bright Stars of light.