Sunday, June 1, 2014

This feels like driving away with the breeze on my face and moving through my hair.

I’m not running away but just making a change; going in a different direction.

I want to find new people and see new things. I want to make new choices and lead a new life.

I can’t wait to touch your hand and look into your eyes. I can’t wait to feel the comfort of being under your gaze and surrounded by your touch.

I don’t want to struggle. I don’t want to worry. I want to drop the weight and leave it all behind. This is peace.

I want to lie and laugh in the sun with you at my side.  Not speaking a word but communicating loud and clear.

Where is my story? Will it be written before it is over? Will it be told before it ends? Will it start before the finish?

I am scared. I do not have the strength to make it. The pit is deep. I need to be in the light.

I miss you.

I cannot see you. Encased in my heart, you are buried deep. I can only feel it beat when I am with you on your hillside. Only with you is it okay. In the scratchy grass, I sit and wait. Running my fingers across the cool metal plate reminds me of what will never be fulfilled. The fields are below and the mountains beyond. They are our mountains. I see your flowers are carried away in the wind and I hear the chime in the tree.  

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